City Inspects Vaccination Sites

MARCH 31, 2021

Representatives from the San Carlos City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Vaccine Cluster held a preliminary inspection on the vaccination sites from March 29-30, 2021.

EOC Vaccine Cluster headed by Dr. Jessa Tiapon
meets with EOC members at different locations for inspection of vaccination sites in the city

Identified sites visited include areas in Barangays Quezon, Prosperidad, Punao and Rizal for the rural barangays and Barangay Ermita for Sipaway Island while those in the urban barangays are yet to be confirmed between Barangays One and Two.

Dr. Jessa Tiapon, EOC Vaccine Cluster Deputy Vice Chair said it is important to identify the logistic problems including equipment, supplies or facility in each site so that the local government unit will be able to provide everything before the inoculations of the general population start.

Tiapon also said that there have been minor problems seen during the inspections but mostly engineering-related which should be resolved earlier as vaccine rollouts for the indigent sector will be on the 3rd to last week of April.

She added that after the inspections, preparation of floor plan for each site, provision of necessary supplies and construction of facilities will follow.

Each site may cater 1-2 barangays depending on the clustered areas and available manpower where one vaccination team will inoculate 100 individuals per day.
The Vaccine Cluster will also hold simulation exercises in Barangay Quezon and Sipaway Island for possible worst-case scenarios.

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