Spoken Word Poetry

June 13, 2022

Poetry has long celebrated the rhythms of language and the right to self-expression. What better way to make poetry more heartfelt? Speaking it.

Spoken Word Poetry will weave together images, metaphor and rhythm in a fresh and true light. This is new to San Carlos and an opportune time to showcase such distinct talent because it has become easily widespread.

We ought to see and hear about the 62nd Charter Day through different and enlightening lenses. Here’s the mechanics:
1. Open to San Carloseños.
2. The Spoken Word Poetry shall be an original composition, written in Cebuano.
3. The piece shall be related to the 62nd Charter Anniversary theme, “San Carlos @ 62: Overcoming Adversities in Unity, Growing Transformative Dreams for the Future.”
4. Three (3) printed copies of the spoken poetry shall be submitted to the organizers one day before the contest proper.
5. Each contestant is given a maximum of 3-5 minutes to recite or deliver his/her piece. No deduction shall be made if the contestant finishes the delivery in less than the maximum time frame.
6. The spoken poetry shall be memorized and any movement is confined on the stage only. No notes allowed during the presentation.
7. Sounds and instrumental or musical background are allowed to compliment the delivery. No deduction shall be made if the contestant opts not to have a musical background.
8. An entry form shall be required for submission on June 20, 2022 at the City Tourism Office and look for Ms. Vina Marie C. Rota.
9. The contestants will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Originality – 30%
• Must be originally composed or written by the contestants.
• The piece must be effectively recited from memory.
• Freestyle or improvisation must be spontaneous if a word or line is forgotten.
Content – 20%
• The content of the spoken piece must be relevant and related to the theme.
• The piece must have a powerful and meaningful message to the audience.
Delivery and Performance – 20%
• Facial expressions, hand and body gestures must emphasize the different elements of the performance.
• Voice must be modulated and compelling. Phrasing must be fluent.
• Voice must project confidence and conviction.
Convincing Aura – 20%
• Contestant must establish an eye contact with the audience and must capture their attention and interest throughout the delivery.
• Enunciation must be clear.
• Words must be pronounced distinctly and correctly and the contestant must not stutter or stammer.
• Pronunciation and intonation must sound natural.
Audience Impact – 10%
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