City Conducts Seminar on Food Handling and Safety

MARCH 8, 2023

The city government of San Carlos thru the Negosyo Center in cooperation with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region 6 conducted Proper Food Handling and Safety seminar today, March 8, at SCC Multi-Purpose Hall, Park Marina.
At least 42 food operators attended the said forum.
Engr. Allan Francis P. Dara-ug, Provincial Director-Negros Occidental Provincial Science and Technology Center talked about proper food handling and food safety which focuses on food safety hazards, time-temperature abuse, cross-contamination, proper hygiene, illness policy, and keeping the food safe while Engr. Wells Ruud T. Lego, Project Technical Assistant II-PSTC Principle, discussed packaging and labeling, different kinds of packaging materials to use, and mandatory labeling requirements.
Dara-ug said the seminar is beneficial to the participants as food operators and also timely, as the city has recently recorded amoebiasis cases which is one of the reasons why Mayor Renato Y. Gustilo invited many food operators to participate in the seminar.
Meanwhile, Lego also stressed that product information should be concise and must contain the product and brand’s name, expiration, and manufacturing date, complete address, ingredients, and other details needed for consumer awareness.

Ma. Novah Dela Rosa-Sollesta, Special Operations Officer III and Negosyo Center Manager said they conducted the seminar because of the increasing number of registered food businesses and to ensure the residents that the food being served is safe and properly prepared.
Sollesta also emphasized that one of Negosyo Center’s main thrusts is to find markets for local products within and beyond the city.
Erlena Destacamento of Alternative Healthcare and Herbal Product said she learned a lot from the seminar which is useful in making food supplements in their laboratory.
On the other hand, the DOST turned over the free 300 pieces of sticker labels and 1 USB flash drive containing the layout of the label to the 5 beneficiaries of the proper food handling and safety seminar last year.
Mayor Gustilo and Marisol L. Marcelino, Department of Trade and Industry Junior Business Counselor of San Carlos City and Municipality of Calatrava were also present during the seminar.
*Please watch the video of this news event and other stories thru #VAMOSNewsSanCarlos over the Youtube channel and at Parasat TV channel 2 every Saturday at 7 PM.

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