Confiscated Mufflers Destroyed

MARCH 20, 2023

More than one thousand modified Motorcycle Mufflers were destroyed at the San Carlos City hall ground this morning, March 20.
Members of the Philippine National Police led by PLtCol. Jesus Mesahon initiated the process after the flag-raising ceremony using a Road Roller to compress illegal mufflers, leaving them unusable.

Mesahon said they confiscated the illegal mufflers since January 2022 and will continue to apprehend those using said illegal mufflers and seize them following the national law RA 4136 and city ordinance.
San Carlos City implements City Ordinance No. 16-11 Declaring Public Nuisance Motor Vehicles That Emit Exceptionally Loud, Startling, And Annoying Noise Which Tend To Affect Public Health, Safety And Peace, Providing Penalties Thereto, And For Other Purposes.
On the other hand, City Mayor Renato Y. Gustilo said the government is just doing its duty to run after illegal activities, including those who use noisy motorcycles with modified mufflers.
He also reminded government workers, especially parents, not to tolerate their children who used these vehicles, especially for motorcycle racing, during the night.
“Parents who tolerate their children for doing such are like pushing them into accidents,” he said.
City hall employees witnessed the said activity.

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