A seminar on Comprehensive Household Profiling Database (CHPD)

MARCH 31, 2023

In an effort to improve their data gathering and analysis skills, the technical staff of the Information Technology and Computer Services Office (ITCSO) recently attended a seminar on Comprehensive Household Profiling Database (CHPD) and learned about KoboToolbox. The seminar, which was held at Park Marina on March 28-29, was attended by resident programmers of ITCSO, CPDCO technical staff and enumerators. The objective of the seminar was to teach the participants how to effectively gather, analyze and manage data related to Comprehensive Household Profiling Database.

One of the main highlights of the seminar was the introduction of KoboToolbox, an open-source tool for data collection, management, and analysis. The participants learned how to use KoboToolbox to design surveys, collect data using mobile devices and analyze data using statistical software.
The seminar was a resounding success, with the representatives gaining valuable skills and knowledge that will help them improve their work. Mr. Jerhod Kyan A. Ricabo, an ITCSO programmer, stated, “the seminar was a great opportunity for us to learn new skills and techniques that will help us improve our data collection and analysis.”
Given the growing importance of data in decision-making processes, the attendance of ITCSO staff at the seminar and their adoption of KoboToolbox are likely to have a positive impact on their operations and efficiency.

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