City Conducts Free Monthly Mental Health Consultation

MAY 3, 2023

The city government of San Carlos, thru the City Health Office (CHO), conducted the free monthly mental health consultation today, May 3.
Carlos Ramon Solidarios, Nurse III of the CHO and facilitator of the Special Mental Health Program, said the consultation aimed at addressing the mental health problems of the people in the city to help them get better and be productive in the community.
He added since the local government can only provide 20 days of medication per month, the respective family of patients will be the ones to buy the prescribed medicines to complete the treatment cycle each month. Solidarios emphasized thru the program, patients who availed of the monthly consultation show better behavior.
Dr. Angelo Jesus Vicente Villegas Arias, Psychiatrist, Board Director of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, and accredited physician of the Department of Health, said people with schizophrenia are among the most common mental disorders they cater to, while some are anxiety and depression.
He also said an average of 150 individuals seek consultation every month.
Arias added that the city gives patients the appropriate medication; hoped patients would continue their regular consultations for mental health improvement. He also encouraged people to seek help if they notice strange behavior among family members.
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