Local Hog Raisers Avail Free Mortality Insurance

MAY 13, 2023

At least 48 hog raisers in Brgy. Quezon, particularly in Sitio Lupao and Proper Quezon, availed free livestock (swine) mortality insurance from the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) yesterday, May 12.
Said residents insured their hogs, made possible as San Carlos City is recognized as a Green Zone or African Swine Fever (ASF) free.
Alejandro Delima Jr., Livestock Inspector 1, said the insurance would protect the livelihoods of hog raisers once affected by ASF.
He added raisers have to wait a month to process the insurance but can still receive assistance from PCIC once insured hogs die of natural death within the processing period.
Qualified for said insurance were those registered under the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture and required to bring an ID picture, photocopy of a valid ID or government-issued ID, and printed picture/s of pig/s upon registration.
They will also renew the insurance one year after for breeders and four months after for the fatteners.
Local farmer Marcelino Jabello who has been raising hogs for five years shared that he insured his two breeders and three fatteners to receive assistance from PCIC in case an emergency occurs. He said the hogs are his family’s alternative source of income.
The City Agriculture’s Office facilitates the registration until September 24, 2023.
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