District Jail Celebrates Mother's Day

MAY 14, 2023

The San Carlos City District Jail (SCCDJ) celebrated Mother’s Day thru a pageant, Bongga ka Nanay, today, May 14.

Six Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs), who are mothers, showcased their talents and sportswear during the pageant, while BJMP trainees presented intermission numbers such as dancing and singing.
Contestant number 5, alias Cat Woman was crowned as Bongga ka Nanay; Mickey Mouse is 1st runner-up; Hello Kitty, 2nd runner-up; Barbie, 3rd runner-up; Chinadoll, 4th runner-up; and Butterfly, 5th runner-up.
Winners received cash prizes and grocery items.
Jail Chief Inspector Felix Q. Sariana, SCCDJ Warden, said the event was their way of recognizing the mothers and entertaining the PDLs who have been inside the facility for years.
He hoped that both the visitors and PDLs enjoyed the program.
*Please watch the video of this news event and other stories thru #VAMOSNewsSanCarlos over the Youtube channel and on Parasat TV channel 2 every Saturday at 7 PM.

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