Gustilo-Carmona Present 7/11 Point Agenda in ELA CapDev Workshop

City Mayor Renato Y. Gustilo presented the Executive           City Vice Mayor Christopher Paul S. Carmona presented
Agenda during the Executive-Legislative Agenda held            the Legislative Agenda during the workshop
in Mactan Island, Cebu

San Carlos City Mayor Renato Y. Gustilo and Vice-Mayor Christopher Paul S. Carmona of San Carlos City, Neg. Occ. introduced their respective socio-economic and legislative agenda for their city’s 2023-2025 Executive Legislative Agenda & Capacity Development (ELA CapDev) Conference Workshop held in Mactan Island, Cebu last Oct. 3-4, 2022.

Gustilo's 11-point agenda encapsulate investing in human capital development; establishing & develop more health & education programs; increasing competitiveness & ease of doing business; providing more housing programs for the marginalized sectors & informal settlers, and strengthening the Tourism, Heritage Culture and the Arts, among others.
Carmona on the other hand presented his 7- legislative agenda including among others amending the San Carlos City Hospital Code to streamline hospital operations; investment incentive code for an investor-friendly atmosphere; rebuilding and optimizing linkages with other cities and countries across the world; and, ensuring an optimal no-non sense administration of legislative governance.
Gustilo asked the participants to focus on the said ELA CapDev formulation since its goal is serving the people well and further development of the city; Carmona also called for serious planning so that a development plan would be put in place.
Region 6 Local Gov’t. Capability Development Division Chief Christian M. Nagaynay of the Department of the Interior & Local Government (DILG) coined the presented agenda as 7/11 to create an easy recall so the participants of the said workshop will be able to focus on the formulation of goals, especially in its realignment to the local plans and national goals.