Water Treatment Plant in Medina, Solution To Water Shortage in San Carlos City

“San Carlos City water treatment plant located in Medina, Brgy. Rizal is expected to solve the water problem for the whole city of San Carlos.”

On-going water treatment plant in So. Medina, Brgy. Rizal  

This was revealed by Engr. Edward Sanchez this morning referring to the present construction of said plant in Medina, Brgy. Rizal which was a full grant from the Department of Tourism (DOT) worth more than P120M funded and carried out by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

Engr. Sanchez said they expect the construction to be finished and lines integrated into the city’s water system by first quarter of next year since pipelines were already installed. “This project will have big impact since its expected output will bring five thousand cubic meters of water per day or five million liters of water per day, while water sources including Bodiawe has the capacity of 7,600 to 8,000 cubic meters per day”, he said.

He added that people will just have to wait and understand that the city government is doing its best to solve the water problem since it is everybody’s concern.

He said the present 7 water sources of the city are just short on supply as the water level of said wells and springs have remained the same despite the rains.

He also reiterated that the city government has already approved the P25M budget and other millions of funds requested by the Waterworks Department to develop new water sources and address water turbidity, yet, water supply just decreases which is beyond their control.

Sanchez said this project may have long been started if not for the disintegration of the Negros Island Region in 2016 but next year it will already be operational and will generate abundant water supply for the city.

The Tourism Water Supply Infrastructure Program is a joint project of the DPWH, DOT, LWUA, NAPC with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) which aimed at facilitating tourism and economic growth in identified priority development areas in the Philippines which among the 30 areas covered, San Carlos City is leading the list.