PR 1-21-04-0545-CED                 PR 9-21-06-0745-CITY HOSPITAL
          PR 1-21-04-0582-CITY ADMIN (ITCSO)                 PR 9-21-06-0751-CITY HOSPITAL
          PR 1-21-04-0584-CDRRMO                 PR 9-21-06-0752-CITY HOSPITAL
          PR 1-21-04-0597-CITY ADMIN (ITCSO)                 PR 9-21-06-0759-CITY HOSPITAL
          PR 1-21-05-0613-CMO (TRAFFIC)                 PR 18-21-04-0534-CWD
          PR 1-21-05-0622-CHO                 PR 18-21-05-0638-CED (Rebidding)
          PR 1-21-05-0632-CTO                 PR 18-21-05-0707-CED
          PR 1-21-05-0640-CED                 PR 18-21-06-0755-CED
          PR 1-21-05-0666-CED                 PR 18-21-06-0756-CED
          PR 1-21-05-0679-CLDO                 PR 31-21-05-0600-DEPED
          PR 1-21-05-0683-INFO                 PR 31-21-06-0766-DEPED
          PR 1-21-05-0709-GSD                 PR 221-21-05-0698-CWD
          PR 1-21-05-0710-PESO                 PR 221-21-05-0699-CWD
          PR 1-21-06-0771-CEMO                 PR 221-21-05-0700-CWD
          PR 4-21-05-0601-CWD (Rebidding)                 PR 221-21-05-0701-CWD
          PR 4-21-05-0731-CWD                 PR 221-21-05-0703-CWD
          PR 4-21-06-0782-CWD                 PR 221-21-05-0714-CWD
          PR 9-21-05-0604-CITY HOSPITAL (Rebidding)                 PR 221-21-05-0716-CWD
          PR 9-21-05-0635-CITY HOSPITAL (Rebidding)                 PR 221-21-05-0717-CWD
          PR 9-21-05-0661-CITY HOSPITAL                 PR 401-21-05-0688-CLDO
          PR 9-21-05-0712-CITY HOSPITAL                 PR 401-21-05-0695-CED
          PR 9-21-05-0724-CITY HOSPITAL                  

1. The Bid/Bids shall be accompanied by BID SECURITY in the form of:

  • a) Cash/Manager's Check in favor of City Treasurer of San Carlos City - Two percent (2%) of the ABC
  • b) Surety Bond callable upon demand issued by a surety or insurance company duly certified by the Insurance Commission as authorized to issue such security. - Five percent (5%) of the ABC

2. Secure bidding documents from the BAC Secretariat Office at a non-refundable fee of P100.00 (per City Ordinance No. 10-26)

3. Sample or Brochures of the materials (if required) shall be attached to the bid documents.

4. Your price offer must be valid for 70 calendar days.

5. Award will be made to the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid (LCRB) that is the most advantageous to the government subject to post evaluation by the BAC.

6. The government reserves the right to reject any or all bids, declare a failure of bidding or not award the contract based on RA 9184.

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