San Carlos City Opens NOLITC Extension and RIS Hub

The city government of San Carlos City formally opened its extension for Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center (NOLITC) and Rural Impact Sourcing (RIS) Hub last Oct. 16, 2017.

San Carlos City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr cuts the
  The computer sets will be use for the NOLITC programs.
ribbon with NOLITC Vocational Administrator Dr. Ma.
Cristina Orbecido last October 16, 2017    

Both centers were situated inside the abandoned old city hospital which is now home to various offices in the city.

The extension center of said NOLITC in san Carlos City presently occupies the previous medicare ward renovated by the city engineering department to fit its purpose and budgeted by the city government at around P280,000 which include two computer laboratories and lecture rooms while the two used to be private rooms for patients were converted into male and female quarters for lecturers from Bacolod City.

With its opening, said extension center offers five free short courses to interested applicants including Contact Center Services NC2 for 144 hours, 2D Animation NC3 for 840 hrs., English Language Proficiency for 100 hrs., Visual Graphic Design NC3for 487 hrs., and Medical Transcription NC2 for 396 hrs.

The city government has already donated 8 laptops for said NOLITC extension center last Aug. 7, 2017.

Said extension was materialized following the success of the NOLITC program giving beneficiaries of San Carlos City good jobs in Bacolod City especially in call centers.

On the other hand, the old x-ray room of said old city hospital was also transformed into Rural Impact Sourcing (RIS) Hub for the Technology for Education, Employment, Entrepreneurial, and Economic Development (TECH4ED) which was also formally opened.

Said RIS Hub would benefit the senior citizens, differently abled individuals, indigenous people and anybody in different barangays of the city that wants to learn and connect to the internet for various internet operations including applying for online jobs.

San Carlos City Mayor Gerardo P Valmayor Jr. was grateful for said programs made available to the city and reiterated that the city government always supports services that benefit the local residents especially the out of school youth and the unemployed to help alleviate poverty.

NOLITC Vocational Administrator Dr. Ma. Cristina Orbecido said that promoting the NOLITC would also provide various opportunities to the people especially in the first District of Negros Occidental as well as the Negros Oriental area since NOLIITC’s programs have already gained the assistance of Australia and Japan for 2018 implementation.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology-Visayas Cluster Director Frederick Amores who was also present that time also thanked the city government of San Carlos for its big support given to the TECH4ED which could make the city a tech industry now that it has already eight centers serving in different barangays.