San Carlos City’s Goat Dispersal Project Continues

The City Agriculture Office (CAO) of San Carlos City thru its Livestock Division is now gearing for its Goat Dispersal Program with the arrival of six hybrid male goats including three Anglo Nubian breed and three Boer last Feb. 4, 2016.

Dispersed Hybrid goats at the Livestock Center at Agricultural Center and

Integrated Demonstration Area (ACIDA) at So. Medina, Brgy. Rizal

Agricultural Technologist of the Livestock Division Lucito Nemenzo said that the goats were bought by CAO from the farm of Mr. Eduardo Aguilar in Barili, Cebu at P30,000 each.

Said goats will be used by CAO’s Goat Dispersal program in upgrading the native female goats to hybrid kind to create good quality by-product.

Said goats will be distributed at different barangays particularly at So. Handalago, Brgy. Nataban (1 Anglo-Nubian); So. Nabataan, Brgy. Rizal (1 Anglo-Nubian); So. Medina Livestock Center, Brgy. Rizal (1 Anglo-Nubian); So. Mangga, Brgy. Palampas (1 Boer); So. Andoon, Brgy. Rizal (1 Boer); and, So. Bairan, Brgy. Buluangan (1 Boer).

The procedure and manner in the proper usage of said livestock were manifested in the memorandum of agreement (MOA) which the beneficiary has to sign thru the Cooperatives and Livelihood Development Office (CLDO).

Also included in the agreement is the monitoring of said project every two months by the agricultural technicians and the provision of free vitamin supplementation, deworming and other technical services to ensure good condition of said livestock.