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Let it be known to the public that:
1) Not all who were swabbed by the San Carlos City LGU for
COVID-19 contact tracing turned out positive;
2) Not all COVID-19 positive cases were admitted at the City Hospital since most of them were placed at the city's health quarantine facility;
3) Only those who have severe health conditions were admitted at the city hospital under Philhealth coverage as part of the government's health care services.
Therefore, it is not true or just plain hearsay that COVID-19 is being used as money-making scheme by the Philhealth or LGU.

The public is being advised to be cautious about hearsays or fakenews as these could create doubts and fear among the citizenry that could result to non-cooperation or refusal to submit to contact tracing or the necessary health protocol which could eventually worsen the COVID-19 situation.
Remember: COVID-19 is not an ordinary disease so the government is working doubly hard to curb local transmission since many have already died.
The government pleads for unity and cooperation in order to win this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank you very much.

Advisory From: San Carlos City Information Office