PNP- San Carlos, Best Unit in the Implementation of Birada Semana

The Philippine National Police – San Carlos City (PNP-SCC) garnered its title as the Best Unit in the implementation of Birada Semana in Region 6.
PMAJ Mark Angelo Junco, PNP-SCC Officer-In-Charge received the plaque of recognition during the 119th Police Service Anniversary held at the Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City last August 6, 2020.

(Left) Plaque of Recognition to San Carlos PNP (Right) Local PNP-OIC PMAJ Mark Angelo Junco representing the
San Carlos PNP at his office

Birada Semana is a program launched by Police Regional Office 6 to boost the performance of police units in the region that emphasized on its campaign against illegal drugs, illegal gambling, loose firearms, and wanted persons.
“Activities to prevent crimes especially during this pandemic such as checking of borders, patrolling around the city, police operations against illegal drugs and confiscation of illegal firearms are some of the efforts of the PNP-SCC in attaining the award”, Junco said. He added that crimes in the city for this year has decreased compared to last year.
Junco said that they will continue to implement their projects and various campaigns to maintain the peace and order in the city. He also reassures everyone that PNP-SCC is ready and well-trained to respond to crime incidents and even calamities.