San Carlos City Starts 2015 Rabies Eradication

San Carlos City thru the City Agriculture Office already started this year’s Rabies Eradication campaign from Jan. to Feb. 2016 while the whole year round actual anti-rabies vaccination also starts.

City Agriculturist Office paravet vaccinated anti-rabies to a dog during the rabies eradication


Dr. Jeff Reonal, City Veterinarian said the project already covered 10 barangays out of the 18 barangays of the city from the period Jan. to Feb. 2016 where a total of 2,123 dogs were vaccinated for free.

Said rabies eradication campaign thru its Information Dissemination strongly promotes responsible pet ownership which includes cats and other domesticated animals.

Said campaign also includes training of barangay tanods on catching stray dogs and pre-exposure rabies vaccination as protection in case of being bitten by dogs.

Dr. Reonal cited that San Carlos City continues to be Zero-Rabies due to its comprehensive anti-rabies campaign with which they have impounded 1,064 stray dogs in 2015 in conformity with Ordinance No. 15-11 or “An ordinance Governing Animal Sanitation Disease, Nuisance and Stray Animal Control of the City of San Carlos, approved May 22, 2015.

He said that part of their activities also include vaccination of cows and carabaos against hemorrhagic septicemia disease, deworming and vaccination of goats, sheep, pigs and other livestock.

He added that a Veterinary Medical Mission will be conducted on April 10, 2016 participated by other veterinarians of nearby localities who will perform castration, consultation, deworming, vitamin supplementation and vaccination of animals for free.