The San Carlos City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (SCCADAC) held a symposium against illegal drugs at Bagonbon National High School last Sept. 17, 2015

More than 150 individuals composed of 120 graduating high school students with its class advisers and several parents gathered at the covered court of said barangay to witness SCCADAC’s presentation.

Said exposition aimed at informing students the dangers and ill-effects of engaging in drug use or any illegal activity related to it to help protect them from the lure of illegal drugs and to curtail its proliferation in the city.

Resource speakers of said symposium include SCCADAC Member and Brgy. II Councilor Pastor Adolfo Lampute who mulled over the religious aspect of the program and encouraged parents to teach well their children since the home is where the very first education took place and where the school only comes next.

Elia Kim Lasco, Sanitation Inspector of the City Health Office also imparted the various ill-effects of prohibited drugs particularly on the damage it can cause to the physical body including mental and emotional disparity which can further lead to death while the Philippine National Police thru Police Officer Carlo Mahinay discussed about the different violations and its corresponding penalties with respect to the provisions of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

BNHS Principal Jocelyn Sumilhig said it is very important that the city really took time to conduct activities such as the anti-drug symposium particularly to raise awareness among students, parents and teachers on the unrelenting issue on illegal drugs so everybody will be on guard not to engage on said illegal activities.

She then headed the induction of officers for the newly established National Drug Education Program (NDEP)-BNHS Chapter whose main function is to promote values formation among students and to particularly shun them from illegal drugs.