Oplan "TokHang" Busted Suspects

In San Carlos City, Neg. Occ. 694 personalities involved in illegal drugs yielded to Philippine National Police’ Oplan TokHang (Toktok Hangyo), a month after Pres. Rodrigo Duterte took over on July 1, 2016.

During Oplan 'Tokhang' operation in the city.

Police Superintendent Jacob Crisostomo, Chief of PNP San Carlos said that out of the more than 1,000 listed in connection to said illegal drugs from among the 18 barangays in the city, so far, an initial of 79 personalities were confirmed positive, either illegal drug user or pusher since police operatives are few.

He said the rest are continuously under surveillance by PNP intelligence unit for confirmation.

Crisostomo cited that while the PNP was mandated by the present administration to crack down illegal drug activities and other criminality in the city, the barangay level was also tasked to monitor suspected individuals including those who already surrendered while the city mayor will be the one to provide programs to divert said individuals to worthwhile or livelihood activities.

He added that they will continue with TokHang simultaneous with Oplan “Double Barrel” where those who surrendered and returned to illegal activities will be subjected to buy bust operation and search warrant.

Crisostomo called on those involved in illegal activities to stop what they are doing because their world is getting smaller as police, though few are now tracking each suspected individual until they surrender or put to jail.