City Launches Skills Training with TESDA

San Carlos City thru its Public Employment Service Office (PESO) launched five skills training facilitated by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) yesterday morning at the SP Session Hall.

City Vice-Mayor Rene Gustilo during the TESDA Launching at SP Session Hall.

Said skills development budgeted at P1.1M was jointly funded by the city government of San Carlos at P841,000 and Bottom-up-budgeting program at P258,600 for 105 beneficiaries of said training including national competency (NC) assessment that will provide sustainable livelihood for unemployed residents in the city.

Said training that will start on Nov. 21, 2016 and completed after 30 days include Shielded Metal Arc Welding (NC1 & NC2), Carpentry (NC2) and Housekeeping with 20 beneficiaries on each field while the Hilot-Massage wellness training will cater to 25 persons with disability.

Vice-Mayor Rene Gustilo said that the city government continuously funds program that provides free skills trainings to generate more skilled workers and help improve the standard of living of said workers.

He also told beneficiaries that in order to get hired for a job, they must refrain from using illegal drugs and instead create or maintain a good personal appearance since no companies or individual would want to hire a drug –user or those with sloppy image.

TESDA Provincial Director Joel Villagracia on the other hand said that he admired the city’s effort in support to livelihood and skills trainings for its people because it only shows its concern for their development and progress.

San Carlos City PESO Manager Delia J. Camasura likewise said that the city mayor urged her to continue said program on various skills development and the city will also continue to provide funds for its implementation since it gives job opportunities to those unemployed.

She added that previous beneficiaries of TESDA trainings have already earned from good jobs abroad while some were hired locally.

Present during said launching were the various groups of beneficiaries, representatives of TESDA provincial office, PESO staff and TESDA trainers.