City Implements Parking Fee at Public Market 

Private Vehicles parked within the premises of the San Carlos City Public Market must now pay for parking ranging from P4.00 to P100.00 depending on the type of vehicle being parked.

Said mandate started at the first day of the year.

Leila B. Masueto, Asst. City Gov’t. Dep’t Head I of the San Carlos City Public Market and Slaughterhouse Dep’t. said that providing market goers with designated parking areas with corresponding fees will decongest the public market premises, make Valdevia and Medina Streets passable, provide convenient parking and generate additional revenue for the city.

Mansueto cited that said change at the public market have created various reactions from people,“but they should know that it’s for their own convenience since the city’s economic growth continuous and the influx of vehicles around public market affects market goers,” she said.

Imposed parking fees start from 6:00am to 8:00pm and signages bearing said fees’ amount were posted at said designated locations.

Said parking fee and designated areas for parking are provided in city Ordinance No. 15-35 or the Omnibus Ordinance Enacting the Market Code of 2015 of the City of San Carlos, Negros Occidental particularly in Article D Parking Fees, approved Oct. 22, 2015.