San Carlos City Installs 4th Feedbox

In its initiative to reach out to the local community it serves, the city government of San Carlos thru the Integrity for Jobs (I4J) organization launched the 4th feedbox at the city transport terminal and farmers’ market last May 30, 2017.

City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr during the "Chika2 sa Mayor" at Public Terminal

The Chika2x Sa Mayor among the vendors and motorcab drivers’ association at the public transport terminal was also initiated by the I4J group along said feedbox installation. This paved the way for local constituents and various civil society organizations to get the chance to talk with the city mayor on issues affecting them.

Atty. Ma. Chat Delima, Department Head I of the Office for Human Resource Management and I4J Point Person, said that the feedbox mechanism and the Chika2x Sa Mayor are important factors in promoting the city’s various services for its people and investors as well as understanding and addressing the community’s needs.

City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr. on the other hand, actively chatted with the audience and responded to the various issues raised including the permanent parking for pedicabs and motorcabs, leniency of law enforcers on violators and lack of water among others.

He also encouraged those present to send suggestions, comments or praises about the services provided by the city government or anything that concerns them thru said feedbox in order for the local authorities to know and take action on the needs of the community or to improve the delivery of services to its people.

Some participants were grateful with said Chika2x Sa Mayor and the installation of said feedbox saying they now have a good venue where they can freely air their sentiments to the local officials without worrying of being identified or singled out for doing so since it does not require the sender to put its name.

Said Chika2x Sa Mayor done at the public transport terminal was the first for this year while feedboxes were already installed at the public market, city hall and city hospital.

Every week, several letters were sent thru said feedboxes and read by the city mayor for immediate action or intervention.