San Carlos City Launches 4th Wellness Program for Drug Personalities

The city government of San Carlos, Negros Occidental replicated its community-based wellness program called Kinabuhi Angay Ampingan Bag-ohon Alang sa Ginoo (KAABAG) for the city’s 4th batch of drug personalities or surrenderers in Brgy. 5 last June 14, 2017.

City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr talks during the event at Brgy. 5

At least 21 out of the 33 personalities profiled and identified as illegal drug users of said barangay signed the KAABAG covenant for a 90-day over all physical and spiritual rehabilitation program provided by the city government thru the San Carlos City Anti-Drug Abuse Council in partnership with the Diocese of San Carlos.

Said program aimed at restoring the drug personalities’ whole being and return to being productive members in the community.

During said launching, Brgy. 5 Punong Barangay Judith Allarce became emotional recounting how her nephew Carlo Mahinay, a police officer almost lost his life when he responded to an incident involving drug personalities and was shot by one of the suspects at said barangay last year.

She thanked the city and church officials that the KAABAG reached her area and told the 21 enrollees to said program ranging from 16 years old as the youngest to 48 years old as the oldest not to be afraid but to embrace the help extended to them by the government since it’s for their own good.

Fr. Nadio Nacario of the Diocese Action Center also said that beneficiaries that graduated from said three-month holistic approach will still be subjected to a two-year after care program to ensure complete reformation.

City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr. on the other hand, asked the strong cooperation of the 21 surrenderers to fully commit themselves to said program and not to lose hope because there is still time to change and everybody deserves a better future.

Valmayor further encouraged said enrollees to become good examples to others who have chosen the wrong path, “that there is still hope where we can guarantee a bright future for you if you just commit yourself to change”, he said.

The city government has already provided early surrenderers and graduates of said program various casual works, skills training, financial and educational assistance to start their life anew.

Earlier that day, the 3rd batch of the KAABAG beneficiaries of Brgy. 2 had its graduation rites in the morning wherein 18 drug personalities marched to get their certificates having finished said 90-day rehab.

The KAABAG offers beneficiaries free rehabilitation thru a holistic approach including the 12 Step program that also include Patient/Personal Care, Family Care and, Community care for three months.

Said program implemented in 2016 which started with Brgy. 3 on Nov. 19, 2016 and replicated in Brgy. 2 and the BJMP inmates on Feb. 17, 2017 already received the IWAG award by the Department of Interior and Local Government –Neg. Island Reg. last year.