San Carlos City Tops in Business Standards Set By The Ombudsman

San Carlos City thru its Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) was conferred the Blue Certification Award Level I for passing the business standards set by the Ombudsman Visayas for local government units (LGUs) in addressing red tape issues.

San Carlos City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr (seated)
(L-R seated) Ms. Cristina Combate(BPLO-OIC), 
Ms. Riza Ferrer (CSO

Representative) and Atty Chat H. Delima (I4J Focal Person)
(L-R standing) Mr. Neal Norberto Belangel and Janice Aspiras (BPLO
staff) , City officials SP Christopher Paul Carmona, SP Mark Cui
and SP Clint Mansueto
Blue Certification given by the Office of
the Ombudsman to San Carlos City

San Carlos City Mayor Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr , Atty. Ma. Chat H. Delima (I4J Focal Person), Ms. Cristina L. Combate (OIC-BPLO) received the awards from Atty. Melchor Arthur H. Carandang, Overall Deputy Ombudsman during the Boracay Business Forum last July 4-5, 2017 in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan.

San Carlos City’s BPLO was found compliant of the 87 standard points set by the Ombudsman where it surpassed the 52 or 60 percent passing point when it scored 56.

The Office of the Ombudsman has certified that San Carlos City’s BPLO has implemented and maintains a system that conforms to the ease of doing business especially in the registration of new businesses and renewal of business permits for Blue Certification Level I.

One of the city’s best practices is the BPLO’s streamlined registration of new businesses and renewal of business permits from five steps to three steps processing and the Business One-Stop-Shop program for the whole month of January every year.

San Carlos City was also cited with the Certificate of Recognition for being the first model LGU in Western Visayas that promotes transparent and effective business/investment registration and promotion procedures under the Integrity for Jobs (I4J) project.

San Carlos City pioneered in the Visayas in said I4J project which is a partnership between the city government and the civil society groups formally launched in March 14, 2016 that aimed at working together for integrity and transparency towards an effective small business registration and promotion procedure that will attract investments and create jobs to eventually reduce poverty.

Along with the city’s commendations, Cristina L. Combate, Officer-In-Charge of the BPLO was also given the Certificate of Recognition for leading said office in its successful journey towards the Blue Certification program of the Office of the Ombudsman.

Combate expressed that “being recognized for your hard-work gives strength and courage to do more, beyond what your duty requires.”

She added that her office will work harder to improve the system and become compliant with the rest of the set standards not only as preparation for the next level but for the good of public service.

The Blue Certification Award has three levels and 9 broad categories with a total of 87 standards with a passing of 52 points for Level I; 65 for Level II; and, 78 for Level III.

Another awardee who received the Certificate of Recognition of Best Practice from the Ombudsman was Atty. Ma. Chat H. Delima, City Gov’t. Dep’t. Head I of the Office for Human Resource Management in San Carlos City and Focal Person of the I4J project for implementing said project which promotes transparent business/investment registration and processing procedures.

Atty. Delima said that the recognition by the Office of the Ombudsman affirms the city government’s commitment to integrity and good governance.

“This will inspire us to continuously implement the mechanisms under project I4J, monitor its implementation thru the Integrity Circle, and continue our efforts in building a culture of integrity in the workplace. Our aim is to have a transparent and clean government because a clean government attracts investors, and investments lead to economic activities and creation of jobs, thus, reduce poverty”, she added.

The assessment on the BPLO for said awards which include document reviews, key informant interviews, in-situ observations, process walk-through and simulations among others was conducted from January 26-30, 2016.