Sipaway Residents Undergo Skills Training

Locals of Sipaway Island benefitted from free skills training offered by the city government slated May 28-29, 2018.

Trainees and entrepreneurs from Sipaway Island learns how to cook various food products produced from the island

First day of said training focused on safety hygiene and sanitation of products to be made which include the food delicacies of Sipaway Island like the local bread “salbaro”, coconut sweets “bukayo”, dried fish or “buwad” among others while the second day was about packaging and labeling of said products.

Said training was facilitated by Cooperatives and Livelihood Development Office (CLDO) in coordination with Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology (NONESCOST) Sagay and Department of Science and Techology (DOST)- Negros Occidental.

Science Research Specialist of DOST Engr Glady Reyes and DOST Provincial Director Allan Francis Dara-ug gave inputs to said training as well as food handling techniques.

Eulita Rodriguez, one of the participants thanked the city government for the opportunity of said training given to them because she said it could help them improve and market their products well especially that the Island is now frequented by tourists.