San Carlos City Kicks Off Vaccination for Priority Group A3

San Carlos City through the City Health Office (CHO) and the Emergency Operations Center- Vaccine Cluster (EOC-VC) starts its vaccination for priority group A3 or “People with Comorbidities” this morning, June 3 at Barangay 1 Covered Court.

City Health staff starts vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine to people with comorbidities or Group A3 at Brgy 1 Gym,

Dr. Jessa Tiapon, EOC Vaccine Deputy Vice Chair explained the importance of Priority Group A3 saying that they have caused the high cases of mortality and comorbidity and chances are high in getting severe COVID-19 because of their complications.
Regarding the concerns of their maintenance, Tiapon said that they should always remember that the risk of getting COVID-19 especially with their comorbidity is greater than the risk they get from the vaccine.
She added that they should not fear because the vaccine is safe since it was not only screened by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines but also by the World Health Organization and other health agencies.
Tiapon mentioned that they are planning to create a team to do house-to-house vaccination for the bedridden patients of the Group A3.
John Advincula, 28 years old, vaccine recipient of A3 encouraged those people with comorbidities to get vaccinated to protect them from this pandemic.
CHO - San Carlos reassures the Group A3 of its health care system by placing a screening area at the site to take vital signs of vaccine recipients before proceeding to the vaccination area while nurses and midwives are also present to monitor them after vaccination.
CHO had allocated 21 AstraZeneca and 22 Sinovac vaccines for today’s vaccination for Barangays 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Rizal.