A modern agro-industrial processing city, a model green city on good governance, a renewable energy hub for Asia, and a sustainable tourism destination with strong, diverse and viable economy, and an ecologically balanced and sustainable environment with functional, appropriate and accessible infrastructure where citizens are healthy and well educated, living in a harmonious and peaceful community, under a dynamic, competent, and reliable leadership in a safe, adaptive and resilient city.


To achieve food self-sufficiency and security, resource-based diversification and balanced agro-industrial and tourism opportunities with  educated, healthy and empowered citizenry in a livable, resilient community, providing  opportunities for economic development through sustainable renewable energy investments complemented with efficient and effective delivery of basic socio-economic services with infrastructure support, and strong public-private partnership for suitable and environmentally friendly development programs under a dynamic leadership.


Role of the City. - The city, consisting of more urbanized and developed Barangays, serves as a general-purpose government for the coordination and delivery of basic, regular, and direct services and effective governance of the inhabitants within its territorial jurisdiction. (Title 3, Chapter 1, Section 448 of LGC of 1991)

Key Officials and Contact Details

Hon. Gerardo P. Valmayor Jr.
City Mayor
(032) 312-5112

Hon. Renato Y. Gustilo
City Vice Mayor
(032) 312 5114

SP Members
(034) 312 6178

Hon. Benito Y. Gustilo
Hon. Christopher Paul S. Carmona
Hon. Mari-car O. Quisumbing
Hon. Jose Carlos L. Villarante
Hon. Victoriana C. Cabili
Hon. Mark E. Cui
Hon. Clint S. Mansueto
Hon. Wilmer L. Yap
Hon. Jonie S. Uy
Hon. Alexander Y. Ongtiabok
PB Carlito S. Lastimoso - Liga President

Department Heads:

Engr. Magnolia B. Antonio
OIC - City Planning and Development Coordinator
(032) 312 5404
Jose Venfort L. Legaria, CPA
City Accountant
(032) 312 5403
Ma. Cecilia Suzette C. Binghay 
Secretary to the Sanggunian
(032) 312 6178
Engr. Devitt Dollosa
City Agriculturist
(032) 312 6436
Rodrigo S. Estrellanes
City Civil Registrar
(032) 312 5405
Atty. Amy Grace O. Bolivar, CPA
City Treasurer
(032) 312 5406
Engr. Franuel P. Luranas
OIC-City Engineer
(032) 312 5879
Atty. Ma. Chat H. Delima
Office for Human Resource Management
(032) 312 6559
Leila B. Mansueto
Asst. City Gov't Dept. Head 1 / Officer-in-Charge
Public Market and Slaughterhouse Department
(032) 312 6269
Dr. Archilles A. Ponferrada
City Government Department Head 1
San Carlos City Hospital
(032) 312 5937
Engr. Edward C. Sanchez
City Government Department Head 1
City Waterworks Department
(032) 312 6484
Dr. Arniel Laurence Q. Portuguez
City Health Officer
(032) 312 5447
Jueyona M. Cudias
City General Services Officer
(032) 312 5488
Genil M. Vergantiños
City Budget Officer
(032) 312 5402
Aida R. Alforte
City Assessor
(032) 312 6152
Cynthia A. Mirande
City Social Welfare & Dev’t Officer
(032) 312 6569

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