Achieve full automation in all Local Government Offices of the City of San Carlos to capacitate linkage, thus realizing tenets of accountability, transparency, efficiency and effective local governance.


To establish an effective and functional Information Technology and Computer Services Office (ITCSO) to support the San Carlos City Local Government’s objectives in improving the life of its constituents.


The INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTER SERVICES OFFICE under the CITY ADMINISTRATOR’S OFFICE of the City of San Carlos shall serve as the planning and implementing unit for information and technology-related programs and projects of the Local Government Unit of the City of San Carlos, specifically:

  • It coordinates with the user departments, IT vendors, non-government entities, other government agencies and serve as the key unit regarding the computerization program of the City.
  • It help defines and specifies the computer hardware and software requirements of user departments, and facilitates, control and monitor the acquisition and distribution of computer software, hardware and other information systems components in the LGU.
  • Design, maintain and control the central database system (DBS) of the LGU ensuring database integrity and security, storage and back-up systems.
  • Serve as a key unit in the electronic data processing of geographic resource, fiscal and administrative information as a support system to the various user departments.
  • Implement and maintain the full functionality and security of the network and internet-connectivity of the LGU, monitor internet usage, and develop and enhance the City’s website.
  • Design and implement in-house applications software development and evaluate out-sourced information systems for the use of the LGU.
  • Design and implement training and human resource development and capacity building of LGU employees and constituents regarding computing skills and knowledge.
  • Provide repair and maintenance services of computer software and hardware to user departments.


  • To enhance LGU capability by means of appropriate Information Technology resources.
  • To maximize the use of Information Technology and such applications to enhance LGU transparency, accountability and internal control system in its administrative and fiscal affairs, and resource management.
  • To assist LGU thru telecommunication facilities to forge closer ties with its people, form community development partnerships with the private sector and non-government organizations (NGO’s) and to establish linkage to LGUs, the Private Sector and those connected to the World Wide Web.


  • Link the departments of the City Government of San Carlos as far as Information Technology is concerned.
  • Improve planning-related initiatives in line with the delivery of basic services to the general public.
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