A highly professionalized secretariat office that is efficient, capable and dedicated to provide data and administrative support for accurate and truthful basis for legislations.


To provide efficient and effective support to the legislators in their need for documentation to aid in legislation and capable administrative support for smooth operations to generate and formulate effective legislations.


To enact legislations and policies that are supportive, effective, efficient, equitable and responsive to the needs of the people of San Carlos.

Duties and Function

As provided for by Section 469 of RA 7160, shall:


Take charge of the office of the secretary

and keep a journal of its proceedings;

Keep the seal of the local government unit and affix the same with his signature to all ordinances, resolutions, and other acts of the sanggunian and present the same to the presiding officer for his signature;

Forward to the governor or mayor, as the case may be, for approval, copies of ordinancies enacted by the sanggunian and duly certified by the presiding officer, in the manner provided in Section 54 under Book I of this code;

Forward to the sanggunian panlungsod or bayan concerned, in the case of the sangguniang barangay, and to the sangguniang panlalawigan concerned, in the case of the sangguniang panlungsod of component cities or sangguniang bayan, copies of duly approved ordinances, in the manner provided in Sections 56 and 57 under Book I of this code;

Furnish upon request of any interested party, certified copies of records of public character in his custody, upon payment to the treasurer of such fees as may be prescribed by ordinance;

Record in a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances and resolutions enacted or adopted by the sanggunian, with the dates of passage and publication thereof;

Keep his office and all non-confidential records therein open to the public during the usual business hours;

Translate into the dialect used by the majority of the inhabitants all ordinances and resolutions immediately after their approval, and cause the publication of the same together with the original version in the manner provided under this Code;

Take custody of the local archives and , where applicable, the local library and annually account for the same; and


Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance relative to his position.

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