Terms and Condition

1. The Bid/Bids shall be accompanied by a BID SECURITY in any of the following forms: 
     a) Cash or cashier’s / Manager’s Check issued                :    Two percent (2%) of the ABC (See above)
          by a Universal or Commercial Bank                           
          in favor of City Treasurer of San Carlos City.                           
     b) Bank draft/guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit    :    Two percent (2%) of the ABC (See above)
          issued by a Universal or Commercial Bank:                           
          Provided, however, that it shall be confirmed or                            
          authenticated by a Universal or Commercial Bank,                           
          if issued by a foreign bank.                           
     c) Surety Bond callable upon                                              :    Five percent (5%) of the ABC (See above)
         demand issued by a surety or                           
         insurance company duly                                
         certified by the Insurance                               
         Commission as authorized                               
         to issue such security.                               
     d) Any combination of the foregoing                                 :    Proportionate to share form with respect
                                                                                                          to total amount of security       
     e) Bid Securing Declaration                               
2. Secure bidding documents from the BAC Secretariat Office at a non-refundable fee (per City
    Ordinance No. 17-60).                           
3. Sample or Brochures of the materials (if required) shall be attached to the bid documents.           
4. Your price offer must be valid for 120 calendar days.                           
5. Award will be made to the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid (LCRB) that is the most advantageous
    to the government subject to post evaluation by the BAC.                           
6. Submit Omnibus Sworn Statement duly notarized, together with your bid.                   
7. The government reserves the right to reject any or all bids, declare a failure of bidding or not award
    the contract based on RA 9184.                               
8. Electronic submission and receipt of bids is not available pending compliance with GPPB

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