Azkals Development Academy (ADA) Founder & Academic Director and Former Philippine Azkals Team Captain Stephan Schröck, with Shoe Verse PH CEO Raul Ivan Mole and their team, paid a visit to San Carlos City Vice Mayor Christopher Paul S. Carmona at his office this morning, May 23.

The visit involved discussions on potential collaborations with the Local Government of San Carlos, particularly through the San Carlos City Negros Football Club (SCCNFC), to establish a professional football team and enhance the city’s football community.

The ADA is a football academy in the Philippines aimed at developing young football talent. They provide training and development programs to nurture aspiring football players, focusing on skill enhancement, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning.

Stephan Schröck discussed his intentions to propose football initiatives, particularly aligning ADA with a pro team in the Professional Football League (PFL) in the near future.

He also expressed his admiration for the city’s sports facilities and the government’s dedication to sports development. Recognizing San Carlos as a key player in grassroots football in the Philippines, he expressed his eagerness to contribute to its growth.

On the other hand, Raul Ivan Mole expressed hopes of establishing ADA in San Carlos to nurture elite football talent and strengthen the football scene in the country.

Both Shröck and Mole thanked local government officials for their hospitality and eagerness to explore collaboration opportunities.

SP Executive Assistant Kristoff Carmona and SCCNFC President Pocholo Yuvienco, SP Member and SCCNFC BOD Marty Cui, City Sports – OIC Jesus Facundo Combate Jr., SCCNFC Gen. Sec. Roderick Parel, and SCCNFC Coaches Francis Roy Barcuma and Vicente Ortigas welcomed and assisted the group during the visit.

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