The alleged sole suspect in the grenade explosion at Kapehan sa Medina in Brgy. Rizal was arrested last night, Feb. 27 in Brgy. Punao.

San Carlos City Chief of Police PLTCOL Nazer P. Canja said the suspect was identified by an eyewitness present at the scene of the crime.

Canja also said the arrest occurred at the suspect’s residence in Brgy. Punao around 6:00 PM. Evidence, including the helmet and motorcycle used during the incident, was found in the suspect’s possession.

While the identity of the suspect is being withheld at this time, Canja confirmed the individual is currently in police custody. Preparations are underway for filing charges of frustrated murder against the suspect.

A forensic investigation was conducted at the crime scene where three victims, including the female owner of the coffee shop, her son, and a helper, were injured. All victims are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital. Additionally, a motorcycle belonging to a relative of the victims was damaged in the incident.

The motive behind the attack has yet to be determined since Canja said they still need to conduct further investigations.

Canja also lauded the efforts of the San Carlos City Risk Reduction Management Command Center in assisting with the identification of the suspect, especially the get away motorcycle. He reassured the public that local law enforcement and other authorities are working diligently to maintain the peace and safety of the city, urging residents to stay calm and vigilant.

Meanwhile, the bounty of P150,000 prepared by City Mayor Renato Gustilo for those who can tell the whereabouts of the suspect which was to take effect after 24 hours from the incident was not used since the suspect was immediately arrested by police operatives in less than 24 hours.

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