The San Carlos City Environment Management Office (CEMO) led in the local celebration of World Wetlands Day, anchored on the theme: Wetlands and Human Wellbeing, today, Feb. 2.

A clean-up drive was held in Ka-Priking, Brgy. 1, where CEMO and Tañon Strait Protected Seascape (TSPS) Site Management Unit in Negros Occidental staff collected 12 sacks of residual wastes such as discarded clothes, fishing nets, glass bottles, PVC pipes, tires, and shoe soles.

Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation in-Charge Cristopher Rey Atilano said the celebration aimed at raising awareness about the importance of wetland rehabilitation and preservation of food sources, water purifiers, and natural flood control.

Atilano added that a clean-up drive in the area was a follow-up to the activity they conducted last year, since they have observed that various wastes from the upland are washed out to the said area.

In addition to the activity, Atilano said CEMO, with the City Agriculture’s Office, planned on holding an orientation on the sustainable use of wetlands among rice farmers in the upland barangays.

Meanwhile, Coastal Extension Officer Teresa Collander of the TSPS Site Management Unit is happy that CEMO invited them to participate in the activity. She said waste segregation and IECs are crucial in promoting change in people’s behavior.

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